Why Should You Use EASINE S50--a High Temperature Steam Cleaner?
2021 - 10 - 06
Unlike a handheld& stick vacuum, which designs to work through vacuum suction, a steam cleaner generates gaseous vapor from water through heating, to be more precise, through the high-temperature steam. A stem cleaner is always a preference for most families due to its versatile capabilities. It comes with many advantages that you can get while using it. As the flagship of this kind, EASINE S50 brings about multiple surprises, deserving to try.
Apart from the traditional cleaning function, EASINE S50 can create steam up to 120℃ high-temperature to disinfect all kinds of floor surfaces, like hardwood, marble, and tiles. 
EASINE S50 is a perfect device for people with kids and pets because of its two microfiber&washable mopping pads. 
Compared with an ordinary pad, a washable microfiber pad attracts dirt faster. Besides, S50 only takes the 20s to induce steam from the mop to kill bacteria and germs on the surface, quicker than most steam cleaners on the market. Its microfiber material in usage and faster steam ability make a house with almost no bacteria remain, a perfect space for baby-caring needs. 
As for pets families, pet hairs are always troublesome, which can fall whenever and wherever. Don’t worry about that anymore. S50 does great in cleaning these types of dirt because of its unique floor brush design, which contains six steam channels, and each of them uses for distributing steam equally. Experimental results show S50 is even better to deal with hairs than a vacuum cleaner which can’t pick these hairs on the surfaces. Therefore, it’s a sensible choice to use S50 to clean a house that has pets.

Other than the benefits we have talked about above, S50 has some other top priorities below:
Perfect for fast dry cleaning: as S50 utilizes hot steams to clean, it leaves little to no water on the floor for drying up.
Killing stubborn stains: S50 creates high-temperature steam to penetrate deeply to the floor, quickly loosening and wiping off all stains.
No dirty water remaining: S50 uses steam instead of water to clean, leaving no dirty water collected in cleaning.
If you plan to get a steam cleaner, why not take a look at EASINE S50? Please check here for more information. 

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