How to choose which EASINE Products is for you?
2021 - 08 - 02

EASINE as ILIFE sub brand mainly focus on Cordless Handheld Category of cleaning products.
Today let me bring you through 3 Different Tips to choose which EASINE products is for you.

NO.1 Which cleaning task you want to accomplish?

In order to give you proper advice , we need to know which cleaning task you want to accomplish.
Although EASINE only focus on Handheld Cordless Cleaning products, it still have plenty options to choose from.

Let me give u general characteristics of our EASINE Series.

H Series:

Cordless Stick Vacuum that has adjustable tubes, multifunctional attachments.

G Series:

Flagship Cordless Stick Vacuum with ultra strong suction power.

M Series:

Portable Handheld Cordless Vacuum

S Series:

Steam related Cleaning products.


W Series

Wet&Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
(Coming Soon)

NO.2 Check your Budget

As i always said, check your Budget. I believe this is honestly the most important thing you need to check first when you wanna to purchase anything.
The price range for EASINE products can be from under 100$ up to 200$, the price gap is still up to 100$. We want to help you to choose the best suitable  EASINE product.

NO.3 Brush motor or Brushless motor

The core component of a cordless stick vacuum or any kinds of vacuum is the motor.
There are two types motor that are widely used on the market.

Brush Motor:

The history of Brush Motor started from 1980s.
Its major benefits are Brush Motor:
The Technique is quite stable and mature.
Very cost -friendly.

Brushless Motor:

Brushing speed is much faster than Brush Motor.(Larger suction power)
Smaller Noise.
Longer life lasting hours.
Much higher power efficiency, save energy.
In general, Brushless motor is much better Brush motor.
Since Brushless motor is Brush motor much better version, its cost is higher than Brush Motor, but not by a lot.

Cordless Vacuum with Brush Motor:

H Series:

G Series:

Cordless Vacuum with Brushless Motor:

H Series:

G Series:

M Series:


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