EASINE H55, a Multipurpose Cordless Stick Vacuum With Decent Battery Life
2021 - 10 - 25
As a cordless stick vacuum free from the trouble aroused by tangled power cords, it is more popular than a handheld one, let alone more portable than the old drum kind. The truth is, EASINE H55 is exactly a cordless stick device that is best known for its multipurpose usages and decent battery life.
It is well-known that any home appliance can not live without a battery or electricity, which is why decent battery life is so important for potential buyers. EASINE H55 is a strong performer in battery life and offers a detachable battery pack with a maximum capacity of 2200mAh, which means it can run up to more than 35 minutes in normal mode, and 20 minutes in max one. Besides, experiments show the H55 could clean a maximum area of over 200㎡, covering the needs of most families.
An adjustable wand tailors for different necessities. Clicking quick-release switches, you can choose to mount, unmount, and resize the length of that to fit your height or cleaning needs, such as curtains and stairs. Apart from the wand, there are extra accessories, including a floor head, extendable wand, suction nozzle, bristle roller brush, and cleaning brush. Together with these accessories, H55 can help you deal with almost all cleaning requirements, like hard floor, carpet, couch, mattress, car interior, keyboard, and other small corners and crevices. Please click here for more details!

Another vital point for a vacuum is its suction ability. H55 serves two-variable suction modes: a max one with 10,500Pa, and a normal one with 7,000Pa. Its efficient suction ability makes dust, debris, crumbs, hairs, and even beans nowhere to remain and hide.
The good news is that EASINE H55 is on a 50-percent-off sale now on AliExpress, do not miss this preferential chance!

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