EASINE H50, the First Handheld&Wireless Vacuum Cleaner With an up to 10,000Pa Suction Power
2021 - 10 - 11
As ILIFE penetrates robotic vacuum series products delivering to the whole world, EASINE, the sub-brand of ILIFE Robotics, targets cordless vacuum series cleaners to enrich existing product categories. In 2020, EASINE released its first flagship device- H50 that earned a good reputation and stormed the market in a short time for its performance and utility. Let’s see what makes H50 so different together.

EASINE targets various cleaning requirements at the initial of the design. It is versatile due to its high compatibility and handheld&wireless design. Apart from a motorized floor head, it also offers a 2-in-1 nozzle suction, a soft & fluffy nylon roller brush, and a bristle roller brush. Those accessories make multi-cleaning modes possible. With an extensible wand, you will get rid of the trouble cleaning higher places effortlessly. By combining a nozzle suction with roller brushes, you can handle any complicated scenes, such as cracks, corners, stairs, even the interior of cars. Please check here for more using the tutorial.

The suction ability will show the whole performance of the device from some point of view. However, EASINE H50 will never let you down about that. Trust me, 10,000Pa suction is powerful enough to collect dust, crumbs, pet hair, debris, and even beans from hard floors and carpets.

Do not let yourself bother by run duration problems. The 6-cell Li-ion battery allows H50 to run up to 40 minutes, delivering stable and strong suction output in the process with a 200sqm cleaning coverage.


As the dust cup of H50 is twice the capacity of ordinary ones on the market, the machine help to decrease the frequency of trash disposal. Moreover, the one-touch disposing design lets you get free from directly touching garbage and waste, so concisely and hygienically.

What you experience is always better than what you hear. So, take a try by yourself now!

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