What Defines EASINE
We are focused on handheld and stick vacuums/wet and dry vacuums giving you an extra level of cleanliness. In the past decades, our group has expanded the business to Asia, Europe, Americas, and over 30 countries, helping millions of families around the world to create a clean living environment. 

With a great passion for developing efficient cleaning solutions, deep insight into user’s experience, and premium R&D manufacturing, we craft cutting-edge products to meet various cleaning needs, offering outstanding versatility and handheld convenience for everyday cleaning.

As one of the most often-used appliances in daily life, each piece of EASINE cleaning device is designed to fit your home decoration with a classy and simple style, making your house in a consistent style and even being a decoration to your house. Our products have been produced with an eye for technology and aesthetics - and a choice fits into your budget.

EASINE is committed to helping you live in a clean home while leaving you lots of time to enjoy your home in your busy but vibrant life.
300 R&D Engineers
EASINE has a team of more than 300
professional engineers and 1000 employees
Over 10 years tech-precipitation
ILIFE group as a whole has more than 10 years of technology precipitation.
It successfully transfered into EASINE products.
100000m² Manufacturing Center
EASINE has 100000 Square Meter Manufacturing Center located in Zhong Shan.
Over 600 full time workers
EASINE only brings cleaning products with the newest technology involved, no more normal/mediocre.
Our customer’s convenience is always the key elements of our design of EASINE products.
Our EASINE brand regards quality as the top priority, and we hope to keep creating products with top the line quality and still cost-friendly.
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